to the flock

The year of 2010 is at it' end and a new year is on the verge. Themaflock gives thank you to all of the birds in the flock, old & new ones for beeing curious and open to what is presented in the store of MA09, for all of the new avant garde design that challenges the choice of new feathers to wear.

Enjoy the new years eve celebrations


A 30 something percentage - MA09 december

MA/MA09 is holding a presale this december month. An 'avant noël' - before chirstimas.
The flock may go out with more then one new feather with discounts starting at 30% on several pieces & items in store.

by themaflock

With a Tsé & Tsé sett handmade from, France, themaflock took on the task of decorating a dinner table for MA/MA09. With the object of giving a warm and every day feel with a touch of luxery, themaflock set the table with a fire red & enameled the menu in gold. Tsé & Tsé gave it a touch of 'le luxe' with it's 'golden' collection of cups and bowls and the red gave the dinner table the warmth it needed to gather the flock around it.

As the cold is biting outside the flock is welcome to discover the limited collection by Tsé & Tsé and the 'ma menu' display by themaflock at MA/MA09.


Rick Owens

It is with the intriguing other half of Rick Owens, Michele Lamy that themaflock brings the news of the long awaited 'second skin' by Owens in store at MA/MA09.
The leather jackets are truly like a second skin as it melts in under a warmer coat for the northern weather or just as it is with nothing elsem, but an ensemble à la Owens.

Michele Lamy is as intriguing in the pictures as in real. As seen through her work, the wife of Owens is an artist of many talents and often we are privileged in the showroom of Owens in Paris where she often exposes her work.
It can be at the most unexpected corners, but the surprise is so delightful and the work is with such strong features that you are longing to se the person behind it.

As Lamy devores the diamonds in the latest issue of Vogue Paris by Steven Klein is how the latest selection in store at MA/MA09 of Rick Owens would & should be taken.



fall 2010

Getting into the world of Proenza Schouler - a rather lovely world for the feathers...



MA will hold closed on mondays during the month of November 2010..
With many projects and long hours, mondays will have to be the 7th+ day of the week for the team of MA this coming month.


Tsé & Tsé

MA/MA09 is venturing into the déco of the art of table setting. What a way to begin, but with a touch of gold.

Tsé & Tsé is the design company of Catherine Lévy & Sigolne Prébois. Two parisian women whom have collaborated together since their studies at 'L'école Nationale Superieure de la Création Industrielle', in Paris.
Together the two started creating objects they felt they needed for every day. This has resulted in delecate, fun & colorful objects for the home.

The collection, MA/MA09 has taken in is from the collection of cups enameled in gold with a white finish on the outside. Functional as they are beautiful these cups give a little luxury on any day.



The flock have been flocking to the 'the birds nest'. MA/MA09 has received many news this week and the flock have been litteraly present in the unpacking of it all. MA/MA09 wanted therefor to share this with themaflock as this is truly a pleasant feeling for the team with all the long hours that are put in to find & be able to present the selection from each brands collection in the store.

Good sunday flock,


With the cold manifesting the change of season from summer to autumn a new focus must be set.
As the layers of 'feathers' are thickening around the body, the flock must not forget to cover their heads.
The italian hat maker Reinhard Plank covers all heads and it seemed more amusing to use this picture of 'les enfants' to illustrate what a hat can do & give for the flock and their partners.



MA09 has received the first shipment for fall 2010 from Rick Owens. Out of the boxes were leather jackets, cashmere scarfs, long coats ++...

As many of the flock have been waiting for the leather jackets by Rick Owens, MA09 is letting the flock know in the same time so the first one to arrive is the one to get the choice between the styles in this first shipment..



As the leaves fall down from the trees & the afternoons grows darker themaflock's autumn card can hopefully bring a warmth in with the colors.

MA09/themaflock is back from Paris. The journal from the stay in 'la ville de lumière' will soon be shared with the flock. Until then the flock is welcome to indulge in the current selection at MA09 for fall 2010.

graphics by AdM

MA09/themaflock will hopefully be able to invite you all for an autumn soirée when the renovations at MA09 are done.



The selected edition of printed T's from the japanese label, IF SIX WAS NINE has arrived in store at MA09. This is the rock legends T'S, as this labels über cool T's gives the ultimate used rock T-shirt feel and yet they are all new.
The printing of the T's goes through severeal stages of layering. This makes every T unique. The fabrics that are used are of the highest quality from thin cotton to cashmere and silk.

IF SIX WAS NINE has long been styling the likes of Lenny Kravitz to the Rollong Stones. So one does get the feeling of the inner 'little' rocker coming out when wearing these T's.
Now if you do not feel part of the rocker flock and are more of the classical feather wear there are also items from this collection that could fit into your clean classic wardrobe and give it a playfulness or even a new edge.

A secret is a secret, but sometimes a secret must come out and this ‘secret society’ must be shared and certainly be open. So as friends and colleagues of Secret Society we are spilling the secret out.

It isn’t really easy to stumble upon this secret, but for those of the flock that have eyes of a hawk, you would have discovered the little concept store only lies a few steps away from MA09.

Named Secret Society, the store bares the right name with it’s location. Situated in the narrow ‘ruelle de’ lallakroken of Briskeby in Oslo.
Secret Society was a delight to discover for those who likes it the japanese way with the american tag and the european touch.
The store popped up in 2007 and after 3 years the store feels as new and as modern. The founders of the store haled to the japanese design and architecture for their clean whitish and minimalist wooden interior. Only one piece of a style will hang out and jewelry and other items are neatly placed on wooden staircase like shelves or in glassboxes.

It is a young trio behind the store and this is clearly reflected through the labels that have been taken in. Several of the young designers that have sky rocked the fashion world these latest couple of years have been presented at this store in Oslo or for that matter, Norway.

Fanny Jahre is the manager/buyer and the co owner with Magnus Thorud & Kyrre Alver of fashion comany Blender Agency.

As Magnus

Thorud & Kyrre Alver travel the world to find new brands,
Fanny Jahre runs her own graphic design company as well as managing the store.

Fanny Jahre

Take a walk to this multi brand store;
Secret Society, Briskebyveien 38, entrance in Lallakroken.


Nicolas Ghesquière's latest collection for BALENCIAGA fall 2010 is in store at MA09.

The photo above is from 2008 when French ELLE was given open doors into the studio of Nicolas Ghesquière a day before the fall 08/09 show.


The ad campagne for fall 2010 of Balenciaga gives the feeling of looking at a painting from the renaissance - a modern Mona Lisa.

The hint of a smile - the solemn expression and stoic posture juxtaposed on a backdrop à la baroque with dramatic red nuances - like dusk from a fire.

It is an intense backdrop for this portrait where the paint brushes of da Vinci are replaced by a shot through the lenses of photographer, Steven Meisel.

The collaboration between Ghesquière and Meisel is proving to be consistent. Through the last seasons ads the concept of movment is in a still and enigmatic expression and yet the photos are alluring. It makes one curious and intrigued to surch into the intensity of the colors that so often are used as a backdrop or as in this latest ad the assemble of eclectic models that seem to rise from a field of fire.

The vision of Nicolas Ghesquière for the fall 10 collection built on the idea of everyday aspects that one is confronted with.
During the 'défiler' Ghesquière explained this with the idea of domestic things. An idea of taking things that are very usual as plastic boxes for food, foam packaging - things that are simple and of every day and explore it through the image of Balenciaga.
The idea was interesting to explore with the concept of the Balenciaga touch. The most elaborate pieces felt like a protected shield - one could almost feel like a warrior woman, a modern warrior.

The vision got more clear at the presentation of the collection at Balenciagas’ showroom last February. The colorful clothes that looked like soft plastic in the end of the show with a print of letters and lines in different colors were like recycled pieces of newspapers as well as a picture take of a cabinet under the kitchen sink where all the cleaning products are placed.

MA09 has made a selection for this fall that is concentrated on the basic clothes where many of the pieces can go from day to evening wear.

A few seasons back Balenciaga had a beautiful selection of knitted sweaters and cardigans. This is back for this fall and many of the different styles will be in store at MA09. The capsule line of silk dresses will also be well represented at MA09 as well as a few from the main line.

Balenciaga will be in store at MA09 in the beginning of september.