With Balenciaga's new web site for the u.s. we have the delightful surprise of rediscovering the last 10 years' ad campagnes of the brand. 
Having grown up with the brand through a great aunt in Paris. Balenciaga has always been around. But it wasn't until just about 8 years ago I truly rediscovered the brand again. 

The spring/summer 2003 collection was a sporty cut with a design that was colorful as it was avant garde. This is the season from where I purchased my first Balenciaga item, a pair of sandals in a nude color. Which is pictured on the ad photo underneath. 
These sandals have been well used as they have been well kept and are as in vogue today as they were then, maybe even more so now, today. It is said that for an item to become 'vintage' it must go at least 7 years. So the sandals are 'archive' material.
Summer is leaving to leave place for autumn, but one can still look back on the warmer times, but then again autumn gives another warmth.

 MA / / NEWS IN STORE UGO CACCIATORI fine jewelry collection
There is something just purely pure about Ugo Cacciatori's jewelry. Everything seems natural although the details and symbols of his designs should sometimes give another view or another feeling. Except the contrast and craftmanship in the design gives and triggers a beauty that is intriging as it is simple. Which again makes these items - items to beheld as they will never fade away in your eyes' gaze. They stay as these unique pieces of art that becomes a part of you and you of them.

Ugo Cacciatori is the italian jewelry designer that for years have taken us all with him on his journey, through different stories created with & by his jewelry. Enchanted and bewitched we follow.
The craftmanship of Cacciatori's jewelry ressembles a vintage jewelry that you might have been so fortunate to inherit. Except for the fact that here there are skulls coming out of the ring of leafs and pearls out of the skulls eyes. 

Describing it this way you would get the wrong idea, which is indeed what you musn't get. 
This is not just for the rock'n roll chick flocker, this is for the flocker who has lived or want's to live, who has scars or not...it is the adventure and the hard fact of craftmanship of today with the classic take fueld with the edge and femininity a flocker would need to feel the modern twistes of today rapped up in a nice little black box à la true BLK flocker, written in gold.

This is indeed jewelry for the one who whishes to have something that might be just a little more your own, just a little more crafted and just a little bit more different and yet so simple.

UGO CACCIATORI jewelry in store at MA

In the gossipy small town that is Paris during Fashion Week, Virginie Mouzat, fashion director of Le Figaro, is a presence. The 45-year old appears, unsmiling and huge-eyed, on the increasingly influential fashion blogs because she looks picture-perfect going in and out of shows. “Black is my color most of the time,” she says, a little guiltily. “But that’s why I’m such a fan of Chanel. Because the bible of Chanel is very simple: ivory, cream, beige, black. Pearls. And camellias. It’s purely this. Nearly no colors.”

photo & article from Vogue US Age Issue, August 2011