All though most of the flock may still be in summer mood or should one say hanging on to it as long as possible, some of us are already preparing for fall. As the collections for fall are starting to come in store, we are beginning to indulge in the textures and colors of autumn.
MA has this fall chosen to follow the demand of the flock and taken in at first the accessories line from BALENCIAGA. 

Lined up one after the other, the choices are quite a few. The color scale is the one we like and tend to lean towards here in the north, the greys & blacks. Some infusions of color there is, but that is in the capsule lines. As in the silk line that has a mesmerizing violet color or the knitwear line that are coming with a red thunder. 
It will indeed be a powerful fall à la Balenciaga. 

MA whises to give a special thank to the flockers whom have preorderd their own BALENCIAGA bag. This has been a huge support for the work of MA on taking in brands that are not highly advertised, but highly in demand from all those who follows the design in fashion, which often doesn't come through here in the north. 
For us who work with Balenciaga and have for many years, as well as beeing a follower on our own it is an incredible journey to see and experience for the CITY bag & the FIRST bag that after 10 years are still the bags we go to and crave for.

BALENCIAGA in store at MA