photo by Peter Lindbergh 'Age of innocence'

It is no mistake that on the minds of quite a few women & in so a few flockers, this day, 29th April has been all about one white dress. 

'Fit for a (Mc)Queen' - was indeed the right words, as Hilary Alexandria of The Telegraph described of the news that Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen had designed the dress for the future queen of Great Britain.

For tmf the white dress is a look back on the spring 2003 collection by McQueen. Through the lenses of Peter Lindbergh the innocent & pure setting catches the rebellious touch in the torn, structured & dramatic, yet minimal dress. The strong feeling of a life's journey....a flockers journey. 
To the music of Handel's - Sarabande - the emotions evoque in tears when seeing again a rebels invitation, to a world of  'savage beauty'. A beauty of dark romanticism and incisured avant garde lines drawn from the core of the human bone. 
This is what the video tribute to Lee Alexander McQueens' work brought out by Alexander McQueen & the Gucci group.

Lee McQueen's work will be released in the titled book - Savage Beauty - in the beginning of the month of Mai. In this occasion the MET in New York is curating an exhibition of Lee McQueen's work. 
While awaitng the book this seemed a moment to share and look back on with the flock, as it is with great respect for a man's vision and work tmf's inner rebel salutes Mr.McQueen.

Pleasent news from the latest 'AA meeting' within MA/themaflock. After concidering the label for quite some time. MA has decided to take in the japanese brand, Comme des Garcons'.  The focus will be on their accessories line with the small purses and wallets that have over the years become a classic item with a clear edge in both material and collaborations with other artists.

It seems they have a little flocker inside of them as well, so this should be a promising collaboration!

The dezert breeze from the Coachella music festival gave spring it's start with the music of a southern fav, Kings of Leon +++++   Easter's powder blue comes in different blues & under a sky as seen here one would and could just lie and listen ...

Spring is on flock, so from a flocker to a flocker start blooming! 

photo by Rumi Neely