To the music of Handel's - Sarabande - the emotions evoque in tears when seeing again a rebels invitation, to a world of  'savage beauty'. A beauty of dark romanticism and incisured avant garde lines drawn from the core of the human bone. 
This is what the video tribute to Lee Alexander McQueens' work brought out by Alexander McQueen & the Gucci group.

Lee McQueen's work will be released in the titled book - Savage Beauty - in the beginning of the month of Mai. In this occasion the MET in New York is curating an exhibition of Lee McQueen's work. 
While awaitng the book this seemed a moment to share and look back on with the flock, as it is with great respect for a man's vision and work tmf's inner rebel salutes Mr.McQueen.

From a flocker to a flocker be true to your feathers & let your inner rebel out - it can be good...


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