(photo by Valérie Dray, Paris Vogue)

September 10, U.S. and international editions of VOGUE magazine coordinated an international Fashion Celebration Night in 12 cities around the world. 
Among these cities were the fashion capitals, Paris, New York, London and Milan as rising cities of la mode, Madrid, Berlin, Moscva and Tokyo.
The night was a global initiative to promote retail, restore consumer confidence, and celebrate fashion. With stylists and editors of VOGUE gathering and ensembling different looks with pieces specially chosen for this occasion for the consumer/fashonista coming out to support shopping, but most importantly to celebrate fashion together.

As the first of it's kind we certainly hope this celebration will continue and maybe influence a little night of our own at MA.

To think about, "An evening with MA"!



News from Balenciaga in store now at MA

Following the imence demande from the perfumed candles of Maison Trudon, MA is introducing 12 new parfumed candles this fall of 09.

Maison Trudon is one of the oldest french manufacturers in candles dating from 1643. With its history, Maison Trudon brings you back to the true french feel, the french taste, the french scent of living. Each of the candles revisits these particular scents you find in FRANCE, from the fields of Provence to the coffe shops of Paris. 

With it's rich wax paste blend of vegetal matters, this unique (secret) formula of the Trudon candle allowes the addition of the best perfumes and a perfect and lasting combustion (burn). Perfumed Trudon candles burns - 50 to 70 hours.

Light up the darkness of the nordic autumn and winter and get that - je ne sais quoi- of odeur to your own maison!