A print dress by Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga. The print is hand made exclusively for Balenciaga after the art direction of Ghesquiere.

 A scented gift from Maison Cire Trudon. Hand blown glass with a cire of natural ingredienceses gives a rich and subtle aroma.


A black leather tights - pants by Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga. 

The simpel cut of the leather tights formes it after the legs - still having a loose feel with openings at the end of both legs with a side zipper. 


A white tailored shirt by Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga.

Tailored after the design of a mens' shirt the collar leads into a button down front with a button fastening breast pocket to the left. Long sleeved with the hemline falling to the hips.


A delicat diamant bracelet from the designer of MONTSE ESTEVE. 

One of a kind diamant bracelets. For a closer view of the first collection from the spanish designer ask at the counter. 


Under the arms of  MA's lovely buyer, Anita the other day was the PS1 large croco bag by PROENZA SCHOULER. With the view up close to this wonder of a handbag it made us all even more impatient as we are waiting to be 'satcheld up'.

The highly successful satchel PS1 will be introduced in the spring of 2010 exclusively at MA.
'A womans worth'
Each autumn, GLAMOUR magazine recognises women that have inspired through their work - believes and achievements. 
Stella McCartney was one of 11 women awarded with the GLAMOUR Woman of the year 2009 at the gala held in New York last week. Stella was honored for her enterprise, her commitment and work for animal rights - refuse to use leather and fur in her designs and her dedication as an enviromentalist long before green and ethical became chic. 

the new NEW

PROENZA SCHOULER is featured in Interview magazine where DAVID COLMAN takes on the designers of the now. The articleThe new NEW ' gives an insight on the designers take and perception of their work,  as Christopher Kane describes, it is about the 'layers—of fabric, of texture, of reference and meaning' - 

Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, Christopher Kane, 
Christophe Decarnin, Giles Deacon and Jonathan Saunders. 

Interview magazine was a true dedication to the cult of celebrity. A fascination of artist Andy Warhol. The cofounder with Gerard Malanga in the late 60s'. Interview featured cutting-edge graphics and of course interviews with THE PEOPLE that were often held by Warhol’s eccentric ways of holding a conversation, aka an interview. As taken from his books as The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again. 

Since 2008 the magazine has taken on a new direction under Brant Publications Inc. Still holding on to it’s strong history. The layout and design is with a more elegant finess, a more put together work, to suit the evolving readers and advertisers, but still with a certain raw finish. This year Interview celerbrated their 40th year.

This is the world of fashion, entertainment, art and the être of beeing FAMOUS. Black and white or in color...

  www.interviewmagazine.com/ fashion/the-new-new/

Bougie de NAZARETH
photo; Maison Cire Trudon,
Bougie de Nazareth

Under the unique star, a red fire dances in silence on this sacred night. From the orient to the occident a pinch of olibanum is offered to the bronzed ashes of the incense burners lightening in secret the souls.

Maison Cire Trudon has created a limited edition for Nöel 09, a christmas scent, the candle of NAZARETH. A candle scent of cinnamon, orange and clove in a limited red hand blown glass.

A gift to yourself for these long dark days in the winter of the north and for the warmth and the spirit of christmas.

Bougie de NAZARETH in limited edition exclusively at MA
profile: Anne Valèrie Hash

Anne Valèrie Hash in her showroom in the 19th century Right Bank mansion in Paris, 

photo by  Kai Jünemann

Anne Valérie Hash is one of the few women who designs for women. 

In a domain that is largely dominated by male designer it is with a certain irony that Hash's approche to design begins by the deconstruction of menswear. 

Hash starts by undoing the seams in men’s jackets and trousers and wrapping the pieces together around the body of a young model. Hash then reconstructs the garments in adult sizes and into tailored cut womenswear. Taking adult-sized garments and reducing them on a child model permits Hash to play with the proportions easily, an aspect Hash feels is not possible by working directly on a grown-up.

Anne Valèrie Hash, fall 2008 couture, photo by style.com

Born and raised in Paris, Hash graduated from the prestigious Chambre Syndicale de la Couture in 1992. Hash managed to build a great experience threw internships and work placements at a half-dozen houses, such as Nina Ricci, Christian Lacroix, Chanel, Dior and Chloé. These stages gave Hash the opportunity to refine her skills and technique in seaming, in the uses of pattern and textiles and in alterations.  But threw all of this Hash was firm in the idea of not staying longer then 3 months at each place to not be printed by each respective houses workmanship and design. 

After graduation and stages Hash started in 1995 a small buisness, designing bridal gowns. In 2000, Hash became business partners with Philippe Elkoubi, and launched her own signature collection of handmade and ready-to-wear pieces, which at the time was inspired by then 14-year-old Parisian, Lou Liza Lesage.

Anne Valèrie Hash, fall 2008 couture, photo by style.com

Hash presented her first self-financed prêt-à-porter collection in 2001. Two years later, she received the prestigious Andam Award for a promising young fashion designer, an award which previously had been given to Martin Margiela in 1989 and Viktor & Rolf in 1994.

Five years after her debut show Hash was selling 9,000 pieces a year and counted Hollywood stars among her clients. This growing success opened the door to private clients requesting custom-made couture designs. 

In 2007 the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, the governing organization of couture in France invited Hash and 16 other designers to present their collections on July 2 along with the established couture houses.

It is with great pleasure for MA to be able to introduce this up-and-coming french designer.

Anne Valérie Hash coming spring 2010 exclusively at MA



ma robe de BALENCIAGA

in store now the collection of printed dresses by Nicolas Ghesquière for BALENCIAGA

introducing: MONTSE ESTEVE

A new jewelry designer has emerged from Spain, MONTSE ESTEVE.
The brand is so new there is yet no information out there on their jewelry. But that doesn't mean people in Paris haven't opened there eyes and discovered the simple, yet elegant and luxury statement it's design gives.

MA has taken in the collection of fine jewelry diamond bracelets and the silver and gold ball bracelets. Very few pieces have been taken in, but with the success it has had just the few weeks it has been in and with the possibility to make special orders the flock has much to look forward to. The picture above shows the collection of silver ball bravelets which also exists with gold balls and comes in different colors on the ribbon.

For a closer view ask at the counter of MA to see more from the fine jewelry diamond bracelets.

MONTSE ESTEVE in store now exclusively at MA


 Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough

The young and luxury brand, Proenza Schouler, by Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough to the MA flock.

Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough have been percived as boy wonders ever since their collaboration for the senior thesis project at Parsons, New York. 

The talented young team delivered a collection that gave such a resounding success that the pair co-founded their own label after graduation in 2002 and named it after their mothers’ maiden names.

Before their thesis, McCollough worked as an intern under Marc Jacobs and Hernandez as an intern under Michale Kors.

Since there debut in 2002 the duo has received high praises and a loyal clientele with their numerous hit collections and a rep as one of fashion’s most talked about labels. This was awarded in 2003 with the CFDA Perry Ellis Award for new talent. 

photo: style.com


Proenza Schouler offers and edgy, youthful take on upscale dressing. Their shapes are often minimal and sleek, with a preference to the dark neutral colors.

Representativ pieces include tailored coats in lush menswear pattern prints, thin pencil skirts, color-blocked chiffon evening gowns cinched with satin belts.

Proenza Schouler is a true supplement and continuation of the modern and futuristic take for the followers of Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga. With an approach to tailoring that refers to a classical and body conscious cut, with lines that take on a simple, elegant yet sporty form in lush materials. The pieces represent a “nonchalant luxury” with the combination of simple neutrals with dramatic colors. 

Their philosophy and take on womenswear was in 2007 awarded with the CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year Award (which they shared with Oscar de la Renta). 

photo by Tommy Ton


The designers of Proenza Schouler have been involved in several collaborations and events. Amongst these, the special collaboration event with the cult store, Colette in Paris.

For this collaboration, Proenza Schouler designed a line of handbags to be introduced at Colette. The result was a scholar-inspired satchel, none as the PS1 messenger handbag.

The collection of PS1 messenger handbags has already been cultivating a loyal fashion following. Resulting in the PS1 becoming a fix feature in Proenza Schoulers’ collections, changing only in material and color.

In august of 2009 Proenza Schouler was awarded with the CFDA accessory designer of the year for their PS1 handbag which was considered the very first must have item of 2009. 

Today Proenza Schouler are currently collaborating with Giuseppe Zanotti for their line of shoes which expanded to a 100 shoes in the spring of 2009.

Visite www.proenzaschouler.com to discover the spring 2010 collection or at www.style.com

PROENZA SCHOULER to come in the spring of 2010 exclusively at MA.

With the illuminating photoshoot by Nick Knight for POP magazine with the spring 2006 collection of Balenciaga we give the flock news of the arrival of new items from Balenciaga.

Stella Stella...

walk over here and take the lead MA flock

Stella McCartney in store now at MA

The spiritual awakening

Catherine Michiels in store now exclusively at MA

Dress in cloqué of silk from fall/winter 1966

From septembre 11 to octobre 5, la maison Balenciaga is in exclusivety for LE BON MARCHE rive gauche exposing a selection of pieces from the line " BALENCIAGA.EDITION". 
In 2004  Nicolas Ghèsquiere and the studio of creation of BALENCIAGA took from the archives of la maison 17 models of the haute couture of Cristobal Balenciaga dated from 1932 to 1967. These pieces were used in the research of texture/material and technique for the contemporary making.
In this occasion you may also discover the jewelry of BALENCIAGA dated from the same époque collections.

This exposition permits one to discover the intemporal style of the creations signé couturier Cristobal Balenciaga.

Stand Balenciaga - L'appartement de Mode, 1st floor.
Victory Garden BALENCIAGA

For the september issue of US Vogue, Steven Meisel shot a beautifull picture featuring creations from Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghésquiere fall/winter 09-10 collection.

BALENCIAGA haute couture coming soon in store exclusviely at MA
profile: Catherine Michiels

To Catherine Michiels, jewelry making is an art.

Taken and evolved from nomadic travels, Michiels intentions in the jewelry making builds on a spiritual and social meaning. Hence the work transcends jewelry, as art, as spirituality. Connecting the spirituality in the creations and combining it with Michiels Reiki training, an ancient japanese discipline, the result becomes pieces with a vision.

Reiki uses the flow of energy to reduce stress, this promotes relaxation and healing. Hence to Michiels work, jewelry becomes symbols of beauty and spiritual awakening. A consciousness shared by those who wear them and connect with her vision and aesthetic.

The pieces in the ‘Recognition’ collection refer to the passion of the designer. On a silk ribbon around the wrist or neck, we wear the ‘Charms’ that responds to us. A ‘Zinia’ symbolizes friendship, the ‘Lotus’ stands for purity and peace while Le Petit Marcel attracts luck and meetings.

With Catherine Michiels, the spirit and the spiritual shift to the border of fashion and dream. 

Trained at the Arts of Metiers Institute in Brussels, Michiels studied gemology and diamond grading at the prestigious High Council for Diamonds in Antwerp.

Michiels started making jewelry in Brussels in 1992. In the later of the 90’s Michiels went on working for the magazines, Marie Claire and Elle as in the film production for several years. This resulted in the creation and founding of the magazine, Moderne, which Michiels published for 2 years.


Michiels returned to designing and creating jewelry in 2005 by launching a line that has since earned acclaim and helped spread her vision of spiritual and social responsibility. 

The Belgian designer's 4 year-old business thrived on chance meetings and word of mouth in the beginning, and despite clients within the Hollywood elite and other high profiled personas Michiels intends to keep it that way. A philosophy that is highly shared with MA.

Catherine Michiels coming soon exclusively at MA

(photos/source, www.catherinemichiels.com)