NEWS IN STORE: if six was nine


Following the leader of the flock - through the streets of Paris

Paris - journal #01
Visting these spaces where the different designer labels of MA09 present theire collection for the next season, in this case for fall 2010 is a visite on its own.
The showrooms introduces you sometimes into an intimate and historical space or building that takes away your eyes from the collection you are there to see as well as it complemts and enhances the design of the clothes.
It is a emotional and beautifull experience. With a setting that inspiers and let us not forget makes you want everything!

The showrooms are set up in galleries and ateliers or studios to small buildings restored and owned by the designers.
These are spaces that often holds a long and great history. They reveal an architectural era or a reinterpetation of a space be it from the reinassance where everything has been taken out - where the walls are stripped bare - down to the stone...the modern take or just to the upmost minimalist take.
This creates a feeling of curiosity to this creativity and beauty that you want to stay in as well as one feel both priviliged and humble to be invited into these closed spaces and see up close where the designers work, create and live.

more to come from the journal #01