For all those burned out candles from Cire Trudon,
 there is a use for them afterwards as well...

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Cover  - actress Chloë Sevigny  - shot by Richard Burbridge.

The dynamic design duo behind Proenza Schouler, Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernandez are the curaters of the #9 issue of A MAGAZINE.

As guest curators they were given the oppertunity to 'explore and produce a content that expresses their aesthetic, their cultural values and their philosophies as believes'. It is an innovative project for the designers which gives the outsider - the reader a view from within their creative minds.

The #9 issue of A MAGAZINE curated by Proenza Schouler is build up from the concept of ‘MADE IN THE USA featuring work of American artists and contributors - friends and people with whom theyve wanted to collaborate with on this project. 

The result is an issue with several stunning images/photoshoots, a content that takes in-depth philosophies and articles that all relate to the under laying theme MADE IN THE USA’.

Issue #9 A MAGAZINE was launched at Pitti Immagine fashion fair in Florence, Italy during the summer of 09 and later displayed in the windows of Opening Ceremony in New York, Colette in Paris, and Do Your Read Me?! in Berlin.

Layout of A MAGAZINE CURATED BY PROENZA SCHOULER will be on the site of in march of 2010.

source/photos: A MAGAZINE