Rick Owens

It is with the intriguing other half of Rick Owens, Michele Lamy that themaflock brings the news of the long awaited 'second skin' by Owens in store at MA/MA09.
The leather jackets are truly like a second skin as it melts in under a warmer coat for the northern weather or just as it is with nothing elsem, but an ensemble à la Owens.

Michele Lamy is as intriguing in the pictures as in real. As seen through her work, the wife of Owens is an artist of many talents and often we are privileged in the showroom of Owens in Paris where she often exposes her work.
It can be at the most unexpected corners, but the surprise is so delightful and the work is with such strong features that you are longing to se the person behind it.

As Lamy devores the diamonds in the latest issue of Vogue Paris by Steven Klein is how the latest selection in store at MA/MA09 of Rick Owens would & should be taken.