profile: Catherine Michiels

To Catherine Michiels, jewelry making is an art.

Taken and evolved from nomadic travels, Michiels intentions in the jewelry making builds on a spiritual and social meaning. Hence the work transcends jewelry, as art, as spirituality. Connecting the spirituality in the creations and combining it with Michiels Reiki training, an ancient japanese discipline, the result becomes pieces with a vision.

Reiki uses the flow of energy to reduce stress, this promotes relaxation and healing. Hence to Michiels work, jewelry becomes symbols of beauty and spiritual awakening. A consciousness shared by those who wear them and connect with her vision and aesthetic.

The pieces in the ‘Recognition’ collection refer to the passion of the designer. On a silk ribbon around the wrist or neck, we wear the ‘Charms’ that responds to us. A ‘Zinia’ symbolizes friendship, the ‘Lotus’ stands for purity and peace while Le Petit Marcel attracts luck and meetings.

With Catherine Michiels, the spirit and the spiritual shift to the border of fashion and dream. 

Trained at the Arts of Metiers Institute in Brussels, Michiels studied gemology and diamond grading at the prestigious High Council for Diamonds in Antwerp.

Michiels started making jewelry in Brussels in 1992. In the later of the 90’s Michiels went on working for the magazines, Marie Claire and Elle as in the film production for several years. This resulted in the creation and founding of the magazine, Moderne, which Michiels published for 2 years.


Michiels returned to designing and creating jewelry in 2005 by launching a line that has since earned acclaim and helped spread her vision of spiritual and social responsibility. 

The Belgian designer's 4 year-old business thrived on chance meetings and word of mouth in the beginning, and despite clients within the Hollywood elite and other high profiled personas Michiels intends to keep it that way. A philosophy that is highly shared with MA.

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The ‘Odeurs Spatiales’ set of three candles, brings together conceptual smells created by contemporary french artist Philippe Parreno. 
Looking to the future, Parreno tried to imagine the smells of Space, the Moon and Mars. 
Contained in limited edition hand-blown black glasses, each selection comes in a limited edition of black presentation box.

The smell of the Moon. Based on the NASA soil samples analyses, Cire Trudon created a dark and modern scent blending Metallic notes, Smoked Woods and Carbon.

The smell of the Red Planet. Mixing Gun powder, Sulphur, Menthol, Woods and Olibanum it is a captivating and unusual smell, the smell of the future?

The smell imagines a Space delicately scented with Spearmint, Pepper, Amber and Woods. A light and ethereal smell, just like Space itself.

Take a spatial exploration with
Odeurs spatiales limited edition in store now exclusively at MA. 

(photo/source, Maison Cire Trudon)