introducing: MONTSE ESTEVE

A new jewelry designer has emerged from Spain, MONTSE ESTEVE.
The brand is so new there is yet no information out there on their jewelry. But that doesn't mean people in Paris haven't opened there eyes and discovered the simple, yet elegant and luxury statement it's design gives.

MA has taken in the collection of fine jewelry diamond bracelets and the silver and gold ball bracelets. Very few pieces have been taken in, but with the success it has had just the few weeks it has been in and with the possibility to make special orders the flock has much to look forward to. The picture above shows the collection of silver ball bravelets which also exists with gold balls and comes in different colors on the ribbon.

For a closer view ask at the counter of MA to see more from the fine jewelry diamond bracelets.

MONTSE ESTEVE in store now exclusively at MA


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