With Balenciaga's new web site for the u.s. we have the delightful surprise of rediscovering the last 10 years' ad campagnes of the brand. 
Having grown up with the brand through a great aunt in Paris. Balenciaga has always been around. But it wasn't until just about 8 years ago I truly rediscovered the brand again. 

The spring/summer 2003 collection was a sporty cut with a design that was colorful as it was avant garde. This is the season from where I purchased my first Balenciaga item, a pair of sandals in a nude color. Which is pictured on the ad photo underneath. 
These sandals have been well used as they have been well kept and are as in vogue today as they were then, maybe even more so now, today. It is said that for an item to become 'vintage' it must go at least 7 years. So the sandals are 'archive' material.
Summer is leaving to leave place for autumn, but one can still look back on the warmer times, but then again autumn gives another warmth.

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