The ad campagne for fall 2010 of Balenciaga gives the feeling of looking at a painting from the renaissance - a modern Mona Lisa.

The hint of a smile - the solemn expression and stoic posture juxtaposed on a backdrop à la baroque with dramatic red nuances - like dusk from a fire.

It is an intense backdrop for this portrait where the paint brushes of da Vinci are replaced by a shot through the lenses of photographer, Steven Meisel.

The collaboration between Ghesquière and Meisel is proving to be consistent. Through the last seasons ads the concept of movment is in a still and enigmatic expression and yet the photos are alluring. It makes one curious and intrigued to surch into the intensity of the colors that so often are used as a backdrop or as in this latest ad the assemble of eclectic models that seem to rise from a field of fire.

The vision of Nicolas Ghesquière for the fall 10 collection built on the idea of everyday aspects that one is confronted with.
During the 'défiler' Ghesquière explained this with the idea of domestic things. An idea of taking things that are very usual as plastic boxes for food, foam packaging - things that are simple and of every day and explore it through the image of Balenciaga.
The idea was interesting to explore with the concept of the Balenciaga touch. The most elaborate pieces felt like a protected shield - one could almost feel like a warrior woman, a modern warrior.

The vision got more clear at the presentation of the collection at Balenciagas’ showroom last February. The colorful clothes that looked like soft plastic in the end of the show with a print of letters and lines in different colors were like recycled pieces of newspapers as well as a picture take of a cabinet under the kitchen sink where all the cleaning products are placed.

MA09 has made a selection for this fall that is concentrated on the basic clothes where many of the pieces can go from day to evening wear.

A few seasons back Balenciaga had a beautiful selection of knitted sweaters and cardigans. This is back for this fall and many of the different styles will be in store at MA09. The capsule line of silk dresses will also be well represented at MA09 as well as a few from the main line.

Balenciaga will be in store at MA09 in the beginning of september.

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