The selected edition of printed T's from the japanese label, IF SIX WAS NINE has arrived in store at MA09. This is the rock legends T'S, as this labels über cool T's gives the ultimate used rock T-shirt feel and yet they are all new.
The printing of the T's goes through severeal stages of layering. This makes every T unique. The fabrics that are used are of the highest quality from thin cotton to cashmere and silk.

IF SIX WAS NINE has long been styling the likes of Lenny Kravitz to the Rollong Stones. So one does get the feeling of the inner 'little' rocker coming out when wearing these T's.
Now if you do not feel part of the rocker flock and are more of the classical feather wear there are also items from this collection that could fit into your clean classic wardrobe and give it a playfulness or even a new edge.

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