Rick Owens

For the viewing of Mr. Owens collections we are invited into his showroom at Place du Palais Bourbon in the 7th arrondissement in Paris.
It is a beautiful setting for a showroom, a house, a home. Even more so as one discovers the garden in the back.

It is intriguing as it is comforting visiting the house of Rick Owens.
Intriguing is the interior of hard concrete walls, celings and floors in an 18th century building. In contrast to the outside with a facade that resembles any other of the buildings on Place du Palais Bourbon, with the details of ornaments.

When entering the entrance door of the building a long corridor of mirrors leads one to a small door at the top of a staircase.
The first time one goes through one wonders about what 'world' will lay behind the door at the top. As if an 'Alice in wonderland' land with odd creatures and dark mysteries à la Owens would emerge behind it.

The door opens and a long and narrow room opens up. Everything is displayed, everything is open, everything can be seen.

Large metal furnitures, darkend in color in clean minimalist lines are placed along the wall that opens up to another room. A room as light as a day from the natural light from abowe shining down on the sculptural shoes displayed on long wooden tables.

The gaze comes back to the long and narrow room, looking strait forward, in the middle of it all - the garden. The hidden garden of Eden à la Owens unfolding slowly as one approaches the back.

For every step taken towards this garden another room is discovered.

Raw as it is pure and minimalist as it is warm - the concept of the interior and the vision of Owens is comforting as it is challenging. Like the naked truth, stripped bear to the bone with only the shadow layered around one as one moves. This is what the eye sees through the collection of clothes hung all a long the wall. Almost melting into the walls as it is accentuated by it. The body feels wrapped in by all the layers, feeling like ones second skin.
Finaly one is standing out in the garden in the middle of Paris and sits down with the feeling of having found a hidden secret.

Rick Owens fall 10 collection coming soon to MA09


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