For the launch of the pre fall 2010 collection Stella McCartney had a short film made where a film crew followed every move from the backstage scene to the presentation that was held at the British embassy in Paris. A rather tea for two setting although there were more then two around the table.

short film at

The pre fall 2010 collection by Stella McCartney is seen as one of the stronger collections by the buyer of MA09. Pre collections have in recent years become as strong or sometimes even stronger then the ready to wear line from several of the designers MA09 works with. This means the pre collection has become as important as the fashion line of ready to wear.
For many designers the pre collection is replaced by capsule or edition lines. These lines gives the opportunity to rework pieces as well as creating specific lines of be it leather, jeans or black dresses. It is an interesting aspect for a brand where it is challenged in recreating every year specific pieces. The most notable piece for many designer houses have been the bag. Houses like Chanel, Balenciaga and most recently Proenza Schouler have all established a signature bag that has and is enduring time.
But back to Stella McCartney - the pre fall collection for 2010 is continuing the strong tailoring of suites that McCartney has become known for as well as delicate dresses playing with see through fabrics.

Get 'pre dressed' by Stella.


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