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It has indeed been to long since our eyes have rested on the subtle lines by Ann Demeulemeester.
WWD feautred an inteview with Demeulmeester on her men's collection and her words brought back the feeling that emerges from wearing her clothes. As written in the beginning of the article - ' her namesake brand, offers a lesson in aging gracefully and taking one's time - '.

It is a poetic tale through a womans palette of black and white - Demeulmeester's journey. A true vision of design enduring the changes of time and still be as modern today as yesterday. Embraceing her age in every stage, looking forward in discovering what age gives her of confidence, experience and new adventures. The following of one's own path and not the trend is intriguing.

With an infusion of red in the fall 2010 collection for women, Demeulmeester reminds one of that passion one feel for the element of beeing dressed in the simplest designs as a farmers work clothes, but dark and glamouros as the finest textiles are drapped around the body and tailored with seems one can not see until one approaches and study its work.

As we are waiting for the fall 10 collection - a visite through her space in Antwerp.

Ann Demeulmeester - Antwerp store

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