Nicolas Ghesquière is taking on the field of dressing a man.
With a collection for men - comes the first men's store of the house in Paris. Just steps away from the houses headquarters.
Opened during men's fashion week in Paris this July. The store in 5 rue Varenne offers a bleu view with a yellow touch.

Ghesquière continues the collaboration with french graphique and stark installations artist, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, with whom he collaborated on the Los Angeles store for Balenciaga.

8670 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

With the LA store fresh in mind. The space in rue Varenne embodies the core of the vision Ghesquière has created for the house - an aquatic futuristic adventure in materials, cut and proportion.
The geometry of the space as the interior is light and minimalist, in contrast to the darker LA store . The subtle choice of color infusion with the bleu and yellow gives a luminos techno feel juxtaposed with the light wood and white surfaces gives the store, luxary wrapped up in todays technology.

BALENCIAGA HOMME, 5 rue Varenne, 75007 Paris

Ghesquière's references and influences from japanese culture, design and architecture, the archives of Balenciaga and his strong vision in his creative collaborations and work for the label have made its mark through the concept of the stores.

Get a 'retro futurism' experience chez Balenciaga.


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