O C E A N   O F  M U S I C A 

For months - more of a year really I have been diving into the ocean of musica Mr.Frank Ocean is creating. I can not wait until the album is released (17th July). It is at a point now where I am nearly out of breath out of holding it out of pure over excitement to the sound, the moves, the feel that comes with the beat of this wave Ocean is surfing us on. This is pure creation of musica.

So this sunday morning I am nearly disillusioned. This is the summer of music festivals for AdM/themaflock. All over this nordic country of ours. Kollen, check, Slottsfjell next, a raga rockers after in the mountains and then the ØYA surrounded by the sound of THE Ocean with a tree à la Björk indeed making the way for the forest of love...

Headphones are needed here for the best sound and to really feel the beat!

From a flocker to a flocker, sollution for the disillusioned...Good sunday!

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