THE READER / / BOOK - IRREVERENT by Carine Roitfeld
She is no longer the editor at large of Paris Vogue, but Carine Roitfeld hasn't been forgotten nor lost to the world of fashion. 
Having been rather secret about what she would take on after leaving Paris Vogue, Roitfeld has not been laying low. 
After 8 months, Roitfeld has been busy spreading her wings with styling jobs, charity galas and a department store collaboration and is now ready to give out a book. 

The book entitled, Irreverent, takes a look back at her 30 year career. The book comes out as an album of over 360 pages of photographs displaying her work, life & thoughs in words describing the feeling, setting or idea behind.
This is a close up from her early years, through her stylist career to her 10 year rain as editor chief at large of Vogue Paris. It gives both a personal and proffesional view of her life as the photos depicts her personal life as well as her most interesting and controversial work, with designer Tom Ford and photographer, Mario Testino as well as many other collaboraters.

The book is due out in october and is a book to have for the importance this woman has had and still has in the fashion community. From the bloggers too the designers and all of us flockers, Roitfeld is a fierce fashion 'royalty' that has given many unforgivable looks and images through her career. 
Hopefully will her new freedom as a freelance stylist again give us the opportunity to see a lot more of her work in different artistic shapes and forms.

Irreverent by Carine Roitfeld out october 18th, 2011

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