In many of the newspapers these days one can see photos taken by the norwegian doctor, Morten Rostrup. The photos taken on work for Doctors without Borders manifest the ungoing crisis in the different parts of the world that we so easily are forgetting as we are not in the same state nor in the need for what we might see as a simple thing as a vaccine. 
The dimentions of these crisis are at a level that we often can not grasp nor cope with. As the photos are often shocking and brutal as they display hunger and poverty and we are caught up in our western lives. A life that is in our day here in this northern country safe in every way that in these areas of crisis is just a dream.
The only guilt one could and should feel is if one doesn't help. Every month one can donate a sum that will help give vaccines, food and shelter as well as many other things to those in need by registering at / /

photo by Morten Rostrup

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