There is a difference in the way one notices a person. Some stand out immediately by their beauty, the physical attraction - where you can not but stop and let your gaze follow. 
Then their is the style - a persons style. The excentric style or colorful combination that will surprise - the minimalist style that will seem pure, but with an edge and then the layering of  different prints or styles that would seem to not work, but does, because this is truly intriguing & maybe a little bit of to much.

There is a fine line and it takes time or just a good eye to see. Usually a lot of trying and mistakes does it...
The interesting part is when you can sense it even before it is on you. That is a gift or perhaps just an expensive learning through a stylist...
Inspiration is always the fuel to ones creative mind and so is a colorful & fun layering as featured here.

photo by Willy Vanderperre Styling by Panos Yapanis

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