MA09 silk in a cherry

Balenciaga's capsule line of silk is like an illusion and reflection of the 'sakura'
flower tree, the cherry blossom tree. It was such a delight and surprise to see
and discover these printed flower dresses at the showroom of Balenciaga last
fall that it was as one discovered the rare 'somei yoshino'. The 'sakura' tree
that blooms and usually falls within a week. A treasure to behold and see as
feels the silk of Balenciags printed flower bed of 'robes de soie'.

Light & delicat these new capsule silk dresses are the air of spring that we so
desirely are awaiting for in the northern country of ours where spring seems
to never come to early and leave to soon.

Get a 'bouquet de fleures' flock.


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